Pale Moon is an open source web browser that offers fast browsing speed adopted by earlier versions of Firefox. The tool helps you import options, passwords, history, bookmarks, and other details from Chrome or Internet Explorer When running for the first time. The users are given the freedom to reveal or hide the Menu Bar, Status Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar, and Navigation Toolbar, or conceal all of them. The web browser allows you to customize the status bar, pin your favorite ones and work with multiple tabs. The users may navigate using the private mode on the internet, activate a full-screen view, check out the history, create bookmarks, change the default search engine, install add-ons, and block popup windows. This program offers more features such as remove individual cookies, clear your recent history, sync data so you can access history, passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, and work with a download manager. Pale Moon is a Firefox-based web browser for delivering fast browsing speed.