Security Monitor Pro is a video surveillance with multiple IP cameras that is designed to help you prevent any possible hazard and supervise important locations. You have no need to worry about a blind spot and this utility supports over 32 cameras at the same time. The users can select a motion sensitivity level, set the preview options like display name, frame rate, and video resolution. You can detect any movement that can be highlight in red. This program can capture images from the camera and save them to JPEG files, start video recording then save to WMV format, and send email notifications to the owner when motion is detected. The application can upload the recorded photos and videos to FTP account. You can mask a particular area from the camera’s view to avoid false alarms. This program offers core features such as support for 2000 camera models and counting, operate in hidden mode, capture live events, filter recordings by camera and time, and broadcast video feeds live, etc. Security Monitor Pro is a surveillance application that import and export cameras with individual settings and has a user-friendly interface.