Affinity Designer is a professional design application that allows you to create retouch images and compelling graphics with this advanced color manipulation tool. The user can improve the appearance with a minimal effort and get the results of a better quality. You can use Personas to define your working environment and offers another toolset. There is a Pixel Persona that provides extra editing tools and the Dwarf Persona encompasses all the vector tools. This program enables you to create a new project from scratch or opens an image for retouching after the chosen of working environment. The application is wrapped with a generous collection of raster tools and supports multiple layers for creating realistic artwork. The toolbox is filled with many tools such as brushes, pencils, vector cropping tool, shapes, and transparency control tools. Additionally, the user can transform his photo and tamper with white balance and exposure, contrast and brightness, highlights and shadows, vibrance, colors, and more. It is possible to arrange, flip, rotate, and align the objects. Affinity Designer is a photo editing tool that allows graphic material creation and brings the versatility into the spotlight.