GLC_Player is a comprehensive and handy program that is specially designed for analysis of 3D models and easier visualization with a stable environment. This application shows the details of each 3D model rendered under the OFF, STL, 3DS, OBJ, 3DXML, COLLADA, and COFF OpenGL library. You can analyze and observe the characteristics of certain 3D models, render and define dynamic 3D models with natural movement and fluid. The tool is an intuitive 3D model viewer with extensive GUI layout and you can analyze the construct of a 3D machine to observe any model building and joint fluency. Moreover, it is possible to observe the object from different distances and angles, scan a 3D model from various views, and analyze a 3D model by sectioning it. GLC_Player is a powerful and reliable 3D model analysis tool that determines all building and important to inspect and visualize 3D models.