StaxRip is an advanced tool that creates a job list, apply filters, make image adjustments, set reminders, rip movies from Blu-ray discs and DVDs to convert them into x264, XviD, or other formats, and more. This application works as a user-friendly for various devices and uses built-in encoders, decoders, demuxers, and muxers to rip movies. There is a classical-looking interface and the user can select the encoding mode by favoring file size or video quality. You can set the resolution height and width, apply image filters, select the targeted device and quality level with this customization options. It is possible to rip movies from DVDs, Blu-ray folders or Blu-ray discs, merge multiple videos into a single file, and convert regular videos from entire directories or files in batch mode with common clips. Moreover, the tool allows you to open hardcoded subtitles, preview media files, modify the image, filters, reminders, paths, audio, and others. StaxRip is a reliable program that carries conversion tasks swiftly, has powerful options to DVD ripping, and no crash or error problems in this software.