Hexagon is a fully-featured application that allows you to create complex 3D models and export them to STL, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, CAR, and other file formats. This program has a multitude of dedicated parameters and gives the possibility to create 3D models. There is a 3D workspace that is divided into many panes for visualizing 3D models. It is possible to move objects to any area of the environment, position your objects to different angles by rotating them, and adjust their size. The user can conduct basic editing operations, view information about the current scene, select all or parts of 3D scene and models, duplicate the selected components, and texture model by applying various materials. This program is packed with many preset objects and you can drag and drop directly into the primary panel. There are many tools for editing and creating polyhydric shapes in this app, a set of utilities for painting and sculpting the objects, and many types of line and curve tools. Hexagon is a reliable and powerful application that offers you to manipulate and design complex and explained models in a 3D working environment.