Revo Uninstaller is a reliable and fast uninstaller that helps you work with different uninstallation methods, delete registry entries, clean your browser history, and enable or disable startup items. The standard uninstallation process leaves behind traces that clutter the registry and erases the program resulting in PC slowdowns and errors. This program offers three uninstallation methods such as Moderate, Safe, and Fast. It allows you to choose the one to be removed and detects all the applications installed on the computer.  The application shows a list of all the detected remnants and there is a reboot required sometimes for all the files to be removed. You can manage the items with the Autorun Manager that load at system boot. The users have many options to uninstall the respective program, delete or kill the process, and stop Autostart. Revo Uninstaller is easy to use application that achieves best uninstall results and experience, no more updates problems and avoids installation errors.