Your Uninstaller! is a reliable and efficient uninstaller that is designed to uninstall programs, create system restore points, delete registry entries, and manage startup utilities. This program comes with an intuitive and elegant interface that shows all the installed programs in a list and you can remove and select the programs. There are scanning operations, straightforward layout, and automatic registry entry detection. If the app encounters any problems, you can remove the respective software with Advanced Uninstall option and there is also Quick Uninstall option. The user can control the items with a startup manager that load a windows boot, and a file can’t be removed with a disk cleaner. A file shredder can permanently and securely delete files and there are also a start menu utility and a web browser trace eraser feature. Additionally, you can create a restore point before uninstalling an app if you have any problem, then you can later reverse changes and select windows system restore. Your Uninstaller! is a handy application that performs nicely with its bundled features and leaves you with a perfectly clean system.