Grav is a free modern source flat-file CMS that requires no database, builds faster websites, and comes with a sophisticated package manager and powerful API. This email service offers bundled core features such as flat-file architecture, CLI tools, instant install, smart caching, awesome technology, extensive documentation, powerful configuration overrides, package manager, and routing and redirection. You can get help the development process with a powerful visual debug panel by providing vital information in a clear way and set permissions to restrict access to any page. There are few command line tools like user creation, cache clearing, dependency installation, and backups. The user can use plugins to extend the core functionality, full control this online tool, and writing own plugins is still simple and doddle. There are more theming functions such as asset manager, theme inheritance, no design restrictions, Twig templating language, use any CSS framework, and access to plugin event hooks. Moreover, it is possible to add custom dynamic fields to your content, use plain HTML and own native language, or support multiple different languages. Grav is a reliable browser-based program that comprises intuitive interface to make content creation and configuration easy and a light footprint for optimal performance.