Cubase is a straightforward and extensive utility which lets you to refine and record your music, supports multiple DAWs, add multiple effects, and harmonize vocals. This program comes with an expert-oriented interface for vocalists, composers, producers, or bands worldwide, and musicians can create their songs with ease. There are countless inspiring instrument loops and sounds and the app can seamlessly integrate with different popular DAWs, while the guitarists can appreciate the numerous amps, classic stomp box effects, and speaker cabinets. The user can add multiple effects and get help with a vocal recording. You can harmonize the lead vocals and optimize or correct the pitch or timing of the monophonic audio signals. Additionally, it is possible to apply modulation and dynamics effects, and ensure the output sounds as smooth and as clear. Cubase is a popular and professional application that comes with a large number of options, good response time, and no crash or error problems.