Lazarus is an open-source package and useful extension that allows you to create cross-platform apps and bundles a user-friendly IDE. There are accessible toolbars and the tab-based interface, and it is specially designed for both commercial and personal use. This program comes with a detachable source code editor which offers comment insertion, line numbering, syntax highlighting, syntax checking, and code completion. The user can use it to manage project requirements, import files and Delphi code to Lazarus, and manage the project. You can get help with various components such as menus, buttons, drop-down lists, shapes, check boxes, text input fields, navigation buttons, progress bars, scroll boxes, tab-based menus, toolbars, data control tools, dialogs, image lists, charts, etc. Additionally, it is possible to configure the properties of each item, set restrictions and manage anchors for specific widget sets, and set the response to user actions with the object inspector. Lazarus is a full featured Delphi programming environment that comprises integrated debugger which can quickly find errors within your code.