Resilio Sync is a fast and convenient utility that lets you to synchronize one or more directories across multiple computers without interception or data theft. The user can easily access important files and other documents without transferring them manually. There are intuitive options and modern-looking interface to share folders with smartphones or PCs securely. You can scan the QR code or send the automatically generated secret code to link it for sharing a folder. This program allows you to add many files in the folders to share and synchronize any modification automatically in a shared folder across all the devices. It is possible to monitor the data transfers in the main window and instruct Resilio Sync to limit the sending and receiving rates to save data traffic. Moreover, the users can configure the refresh and the rescan intervals, many advanced settings, and the number of days an inactive peer is disconnected. Resilio Sync is an intuitive application which provides stylish interface and manages synced folders in an elegant manner.