Ad Muncher is a powerful program that helps configure a huge list of parameters, and individuals block popups and advertisements for some of the most used web browsers. The application can block unwanted content and filter website data, regardless if referring to links, advertisements, sounds, images, or various scripts. This program integrates perfectly into most browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, and it runs separately. You get the power to block an image, link, disable filters, or a whole frame on the entire page by right clicking on a website. There is the best option to help the developer and report the page make the app better. The configuration screen offers you to remove sound and music, colored scrollbars, background images, automatic reloads, bookmark scripts, browser status bar changes, Window resizing and even address icons. There is an option to replace removed images and leave small text-only ads alone with a description of the image. Ad Muncher is impressively easy to use and it seems to be just the right way to improve the browsing experience.