Aphalina Designer is easy to use application that is used to generate vector graphics and supports non-destructive smart pages and Boolean operations. This program comes packed with a wide range of intuitive functions and smooth user interface. There is no configuration menu but pane or window is available. The utility offers you to generate vector drawings with minimum efforts on your PC. The user can create a blank document by choosing the web drawing templates, US letter, or load samples from the main window. It is possible to begin work on canvas with different components after loading a canvas including text or shapes fragments, and also manipulate them. Additionally, this program provides modifications range from defining their color, adjust their opacity, modifying the stroke mode, and modifying their position or snapping them. The user can export the final result to SVG, JPEG, PNG, and XAML formats. Aphalina Designer is a comprehensive and handy vector drawing tool that packs several multiple features and requires no additional configuration.