DiskBoss is an effective data management solution to analyze disk space utilization, migrate data, organize and classify files according to your whims, search for hash signatures, and wipe specific files. You can search for specific files, find duplicates, analyze the entire disk space, remove them and set a new disk label with the right-click menu. There are partitions along with basic details like file system type, status, and the used and total space. The user can browse files and directories, identify disk space usage hotspots, filter all the analysis results by category, username, and file size. It is possible to organize disks, shared folders and directories effortlessly, and automatically scan the entire disk by pressing the classify button. This application helps you to view the amount of wasted disk space, generate charts, and view the total number of duplicate files by username, size, extension, etc. Additionally, the tool enables you to filter and categorize the detected file system. DiskBoss is a straightforward program that can do high-speed file synchronization, classify all the files and directories, and secure data wiping.