DocFetcher is a powerful and handy software program that uses regular expressions to filter the results and allows you to look for folders and files on your PC. There is a standard window-based interface with a well-organized layout and you can filter the document types on the left side of the frame. The users must define the location by creating an index form to do a search task. This application enables you to filter results by establishing the maximum and minimum file size and the utility supports MS Excel, MP3, AbiWord, HTML, FLAC, RTF, and PDF files, among others. You can make several adjustments when building an index form, also index HTML pairs as single documents, store relative paths, ZIP archives and detect executable 7Z. Moreover, it is possible to alter the default highlight color and reconfigure the global hotkey, among others. DocFetcher is a desktop search application to searching text within files, offers a good response time, and no crash or error problems in this tool.