TurboCASH is an intuitive and reliable piece of software which offers support for converting QuickBooks, connecting to remote databases, exporting and importing data, and more. This application provides to set all its components like the Firebird database server, a local single user Firebird database, and the FlameRobbin version. There is a professional-looking and clear-cut UI to browse directories for purge the list, sets of books, and edit properties concerning the name of server name, books set, stored path, password, and username. You can customize settings, copy an existing set of books, convert TurboCASH 4 to the current version or TurboCASH 3 to TurboCASH 4, and connect to a remote database. The user can change the accounting periods, groups, batch types, sales persons, and documents when it comes to the company setup. Additionally, it is possible to edit creditors, bank accounts, tax accounts, general ledgers, debtors, budgets, contracts, invoices and transactions, indicate important documents, and generate complex reports revolving around the creditor, batch type, document listing, and others. TurboCASH is a versatile and feature-rich accounting application that offers effective and diverse solution for better managing accounts.