TinyWall is a feature-rich and lightweight application that offers process monitoring capabilities and some extra security, especially for home users. This program has the main purpose that is to prevent insecure connections and block malicious processes. You can easily configure the software by a simple interface. If the user observes a certain program that requires checking the firewall and network or Internet access. The user can find in the setting area of this app and add all trusted and verified apps to the expectations. You can deactivate supplementary network traffic features and give the green light for certain software through the available connections to send and receive data. These include Windows network discovery, file, and printer sharing, Windows update, and Remote Assistance or Windows Remote Desktop. It is possible to view the running processes, the protocols and ports they use, remote address and destination, and check out the apps. TinyWall is a non-intrusive firewall software solution that is used to harden and control the advanced firewall.