SmartFTP is a powerful program that is used to transfer large or small number of files from one to another place using the File Transfer Protocol. Some developers need to download and upload images, movies, and entire websites or documents, so this tool is especially useful for them. There are secure connections that protects the data by encrypting the information from unauthorized access. You can quickly choose the connection type, browse the content, and enter the credentials for the FTP server. It is possible to edit the file directly on the server and there is also a preview feature for other file types. The user can simply drag and drop the files into the window of program to transfer files. This program allows you to quickly synchronize the content and compare two folders side by side by transferring files between them. Additionally, the application has easy to use interface and uses a CRC algorithm to check the integrity of the transfer. SmartFTP is a feature-packed and reliable application that displays the connections in separate tabs and you can also work on multiple projects at the same time.