Stellarium is an extensive and reliable program that comes with interactive 3D and educational environment, constellations and other celestial objects in a fun, and can learn about planets and explore the universe. This utility shows Messier objects, simulates lunar and solar eclipses, and provides you detail about celestial objects. There are details about the aimed object with just one click on the sky such as distance, parallax, galactic longitude and latitude, magnitude, angle, and spectral type. You can view the objects with the use of a telescope, which can be configured regarding diameter, focal length, and name. It is possible to see the constellations positions, travel back in time, and get other details on the sky. The user can make the program show the atmosphere, planet orbits and shooting stars, adjust the Milky Way brightness, and view information about the celestial sphere. Additionally, the tool allows you to navigate via the 3D environment with the use of mouse or keyboard shortcuts, do searches for finding objects on the sky, and enable the ocular viewing mode. Stellarium is a comprehensive utility in which you can view deep-sky objects and toggle between nighttime and daytime.