HDGraph is a straightforward and lightweight application which is designed to scan your fixed or portable drives and display an overview of the space taken up by different folders. There is an intuitive and clean interface to select a whole drive to browse or scan for a desired location. This program displays all your folders and their subfolders in a graphical manner after scan your PC. The user can alter the display method of the graphs by adjusting different parameters like zoom, rotation, density, and text size with the view options menu. It is possible to delete a folder and its contents easily, modify the aspect of the graph by altering its colors and style, and adjust its depth. Additionally, you can explore the details about a selected directory, shows its size in megabytes or bytes, and add a shortcut to the context menu of Windows Explorer. HDGraph is a simple to use piece of software that scans your folders and remove the unnecessary ones, and offers clear-cut interface.