KMyMoney is a powerful piece of software that can manage your revenues and expenses, keep track of all your financial accounts and transactions, generate reports, and view your budget. There are several initial steps to set up your account, business details, and personal data. This application takes you through five steps such as going on with accounts, starting with personal data, currency, few ending details, and general preferences. The users can get help with a lot of space in an appealing manner to change settings and view details, upper toolbar for more controls, and a side panel to access areas. It is possible to work in the initial set up like institutions, scheduled transactions, accounts, categories, investments, ledgers, payees, tags, budgets, reports, and forecasts. Additionally, you can easily look for different items with the filter and search tools without manually browse via each area. KMyMoney is a handy and useful program which can set up general details right from the start.