liquidFOLDERS is a complex and interesting program which is designed to easily organize your documents on your PC access the documents swiftly. There is a clean display and simple installation, also keep in mind for the changes to take effects, you must need to restart your PC. The user can rename the Store to add files, load an entire directory of data in a few clicks, and simply use the Import folder option from the context menu. This application has several pre-defined folders which sort your files and documents into copyright, album, modified, name, rating, title, recorded, comments, tags, and others. It is possible to view the different categories of files from a side-panel like audio, videos, pictures, events, messages, contacts, documents, archive, or new files. Additionally, you can add filters to group your files by applying a condition and inputting the search term. liquidFOLDERS is a relational file system that lets you to access the items effortlessly quickly.