Armor2net personal firewall is an intuitive application that is designed to protect your computer from Internet-borne threats and stops hacker’s attempts and data thieves. This program can meet all requirements for internet privacy and internet security. You can grant and deny access to the internet hence preventing spyware, Trojan horse, and worm programs from hurting your PC. The user can block the dangerous internet sites and shut off any unsafe connection. This program shows details of the currently active connections and also show these connections. When it automatically detects the spyware, the application does not show any information. After detecting, if some spyware is found the remove spyware dialog will display. The user can click the clean spyware icon on the toolbar to start manually detecting the spyware and then select the clean spyware menu item. This program offers core features such as use the Net Lock, monitor your net state, stealth your PC, and stop the pop-up windows. Armor2net personal firewall is intelligent firewall program that you can process many actions automatically and free from the trivial and tedious operations.