Gaia Sky is an astronomy visualization software that is used to chart about one billion stars of Galaxy in the Gaia group and developed in the framework of ESA’s Gaia mission. The user can contribute to the translations or development with this open-source tool. This application comes packed with wide range of features such as 3D ready, 360 mode, planetarium projection mode, internationalized, moddable and scriptable, play and record your paths, spacecraft mode, and navigate the galaxy. It is possible to move freely through descend and cosmos to the surface of any planet. There are three stereoscopic modes like 3DTV, VR headset, and cross-eyed, also support for CSV, FITS, VOTable, and all formats supported by the STIL library. You can observe Gaia in its orbit and find out movement on the sky. Additionally, the utility allows you to extend the capabilities of the Gaia sky, use Python to script, and ready to play and record camera paths off-the-shelf. Gaia Sky is a real time and 3D program in which you can navigate the galaxy a piece of cake with the support of gamepads and controllers.