CarotDAV is a sturdy piece of software that can help you remotely manage the files and connect to multiple servers. You can achieve quick file transfers and need a.Net Framework installed on your PC to work properly. The utility offers you to manage all the files and connect to your favorite remote file storages. It is possible to connect your DropBox, OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP, SugarSync remote storages, and organize or manage any file encountered there. The user can manage files from IMAP servers which are generally used to store some data and email. This program uses many protocols to connect to manage the data and different remote servers such as HTTPS, HTTP, HTTP Proxy, DAV class1, 3, FTP, FTPS, and Client Certificate. These protocols allows you to connect to any of your file storages or remote servers. CarotDAV is a powerful multi-protocol file transfer software that comes for managing and connecting files from different data storages and remote servers.