Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone that offers the super-fast, personal, and database bookmarking service, designed to be fast and handy, and you can install on server. This email service is updated/reset daily and runs the latest development version. The online program comes with an intuitive and simple design and bundled with prominent features such as daily RSS feed, tag cloud, paginated link list, image and video thumbnails, extensible through plugins, and permalinks for easy reference. You can search links, add tags to classify, add a description, and custom title to archived links. There are dead-simple installation, no need of database, compact storage, simply copy the data store file, and export and import links as Netscape bookmarks. Additionally, this browser-based application gives you the possibility to work with Javascript disabled, support for mobile browsers, and easy page customization. Shaarli is an online link sharing software that is specially used for bookmarking service and store the links in a file.