Eclipse is a practical and comprehensive software solution with runtimes and application frameworks for managing, deploying, and building software. This platform comes with support for several top-rated languages as well as Python or PHP, C++, to name a few. There is a new dialog after launching the app for the first time to select where the workspace should be saved. When the workspace is selected, you can view a single workbench from where you can change the perspective easily. It is possible to customize the current perspective or open a new editor simply, and easily navigate to the window menu to change the Java perspective. The user can use the file menu and create a new project with the toolbar. You can debug your scripts, validate your code, and set new declarations with the right panel. Additionally, the utility offers core features such as rich client platform, service-oriented architecture, application frameworks, rich internet apps, and enterprise development. Eclipse is an extensible development platform that comprises a variety of powerful tools and editors, and does not create registry entries.