MetaCDN is a live streaming and content delivery network that is specially used to broadcast your live event in a few easy steps and broadcast live video around the world. This browser-based utility comes packed with prominent features such as multi-CDN, low latency, great value, fast, detailed analytics, credit rollover, reliable, and developer support. There is an ad-free service with video players which can be completely customized and branded. It is possible to restrict streaming to enable embedding only on specified domains, embed on any website and stream to mobile devices and both PCs. The user can roll unused credit over into the next month and edge nodes and global publishing points guarantee low latency. Moreover, there are different pricing plans with low rates suit all levels of user. The users can route to the fastest CDN in the region with monitoring that delivers a faster consistence experience. MetaCDN is a reliable online platform that provides website performance reporting, detailed daily usage, and you can also speed up the load time of your site.