Zehni Azmaish is an intuitive and great application that lets you to easy learning of Islamic knowledge for Android devices, learn about the pillars of Islam, and much more. There are two hints in each level for your help, you have 25 seconds to answer each question, and can earn more points. The user can get basic beliefs of Islam and the treasure of Islamic knowledge with playing this answering game. This game offers you to submit your high score to online list after registration and compare your knowledge to other players. The score is sum of points from all levels and you can improve your knowledge by answer the questions for unlocking next levels. Moreover, it is possible to get often application updates and compare your scores with your friends by new leaderboard. There are four options for each question with one correct answers and several core features such as interactive UI design, offline playable after download, detailed statistics, more than 800 questions, and each level has two hints. Zehni Azmaish is a bundled knowledge game that comprises the summary of your performance at the end of every level and you can share it with friends and family members.