FolderSizes is a reliable piece of software which lets users to analyze their computer disks and view reports on file type, attributes, or size using several graphs. There are several tools, clean layout, a simple interface, and the app responds quickly to all commands. This program can easily isolate a variety of space-wasting files and offers visualization tools for managing the disk space on the PC. The user can easily locate the desired files and has an option to generate graphical and detailed reports regarding the space usage on the disk while scanning the system. It is possible to get help with this network-adware disk space analyzer to manage the disk space. Moreover, you can view additional details such as name, size, number of files and folders, space allocated, type, name of the owner, and the last date of modified. FolderSizes is a comprehensive application that works well, comes with an intuitive layout, and very fast in finding problematic items on the PC.