SkyMap is a neat and practical application that lets you to get thorough info on celestial bodies and bring the magic of the night sky to your desktop. There are guidelines to write down constellations, meridians, and parallels, and you can toggle off anytime from the options menu. This program offers several core features such as night mode, interactive zoom, telrad circles, different map settings and customizations, map animations, fast star data loading, and autocomplete search function. You can pinch or double tap to zoom, drag the sky map, tap to get sky object information, etc. There are stars, constellations, planets, deep space objects, and moon and sun information. The user can get interactive sky maps for anytime, location, and viewpoint on earth. Moreover, it is possible to follow the movements of planets, learn the constellations, and find out the position of stars, planets, and sun at specific moments of time between 1900 and 2100. SkyMap is a lightweight and easy to use tool which shows the various names, astronomical rise, magnitude, coordinates, and set times plus more information.