Everything is an excellent file searcher which offers sorting modes and advanced filters, regex, bookmarks, and file list export, and get instant file search results. This program comprises configuration properties and a vast array of options, it automatically index drives, updates its index, and monitors them for changes. You can select data location and the settings of the app, specify the service port and set it up as a service before installation. There are EFU files and automatically index fixed NTFS volumes, the utility allows you to integrate Everything into the Windows Explorer shell extension for scanning folders quickly. The user can view results and conduct different search operations by placing the windows side by side and the right-click menu and menu bar contain numerous options. It is possible to indicate exclusions, match cases, diacritics or paths, whole words, allow regular expressions, apply filter for audio tracks, folders, executables, documents, archives, and movies and pictures. Additionally, you can export the search results to TXT or CSV files, organize and create bookmarks, and save the file list. Everything is a free and undemanding utility that comes with a brief consultation of the help manual and uses a small amount of RAM and CPU.