Moneydance is a reliable finances management program which is specially used to keep up to date with your budget statements, general financial trends, and transaction records. There are several graph generating tools and an intuitive interface to organize many accounts at the same time, record transactions, and create your investments portfolio. The user can set up the online banking tool, gather information, and online bill payment from general account website. It is possible to reconcile each account easily by observing the evolution of the budget balance and specifying the end statement. You can monitor payments in many currencies, tax settings, and securities. This application features several areas like the financial manager and the dashboard to edit manually and the reports or graphs zone. Moreover, the asset allocation, monthly account balance, expenses, current6 history, net worth, and income are instantly generated charts. Moneydance is a comprehensive application that can import, but also export info including tab-delimited files, specific QIF financial data storage format, and Moneydance and XML own file type.