Tonido is a simple and reliable application for accessing the data on your PC from any device with an internet connection and provides file upload, download, and sharing operations. There is a simple interface, lists all the drives in one place, and you can filter out unnecessary items to reach the relevant results. The users get a web link offering access to all the data over the internet on the computer with the creation of the account. This program allows more control over the data such as uploading items, download the items, and share them through the Tonido services, also offers account-related settings. You can get help with the list of network settings which include remote web access to the server, the possibility to enable relay, turn on SSL, and select a custom port. Additionally, it is possible to define a different location with the flexibility of the service for creating a list with the locations and camera uploads. Tonido is an extensive and handy utility in which files can be uploaded, downloaded, and shared with other users.