VMware Workstation Player is an extensive application that is used to run several operating systems simultaneously without any conflict on the same PC by importing external images or creating virtual machines. There is a standard user interface and clean feature lineup to create a new virtual machine. The user can install from a disc image file or a disc and choose the guest operating system like Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare, Linux, or other, and select the version. It is possible to give your new virtual machine a name, allocate its maximum disk size, and specify its output directory. This program helps users to split the virtual disk or store it as a single file and move the virtual machine to another PC. You can view the name, operating system, version, location, network adapter, memory, hard disk, and other devices. Moreover, the utility lets you to customize its hardware when it comes to processors, memory, network adapter, floppy, new DVD or CD, sound card, USB controller, and display and printer. VMware Workstation Player is a handy and straightforward program which comprises a well-drawn help file and no crash or error problems.