SR 3D Builder is an impressive software program that lets you to build 3D models you can imagine, by using Lego bricks and other types of parts. There is a friendly user interface and has six main sections so, the first one is the menu bar, contains configuration, file system, and specific options. The second section has a button toolbox where you can locate the useful shortcuts and build your Lego models like adding a building step, mirror building, and so on. The user can use the colors as well as special effects, transparent, and solid color with color toolbox in the third section. It is possible to see the created 3D model in the model space. This application contains an information bar that gives the details and shows your progress. You can see connections by displaying a small pink pyramid between two parts with the Connection Solver feature. SR 3D Builder is an intuitive application that assists you to animate and create your models with its Animation Console feature.