LMMS is a worth-trying music authoring application which integrates an advanced song editor, along with synthesizing tools and more mixing. There is a comprehensive song creation environment and it is intended for music composers and aficionados. This application allows you to import existing projects, integrates with other popular tools, and compatible with MIDI files. The user can mix sounds together, create own melodies, also do experiment and audio synthesizing with new plugins and effects. All the modules display the bass line and beat editor, alongside the controller rack and the FX mixer. You can do panning and volume adjustment, and pitch adjusting with the triple oscillator. Additionally, it is possible to enhance your sounds and mixes, LMMS encases a bass booster, a 10-band equalizer, a spectrum analyzer, a peak controller, echo and distortion effects, pitch shifters, bandpass filters, and so on. LMMS is a complete music production program that comprises bundle of impressive features and is compatible with various standards.