PowerGREP is an advanced and powerful file finder for binary files and text which is featuring library with predefined actions, a built-in text editor, support for regular expressions, and more. The application comes loaded with a bunch of configuration parameters and advanced options for experienced users. You are welcomed by a professional-looking UI with advanced features after uncomplicated and a swift setup process. This program helps you collect data, do a simple search, browse file names, get a list of all files in a particular location, split or merge files, and replace and find or delete keywords. The user can ask the tool to go through each line of text in the file separately and combine identical matches into groups when executing a simple search. It is possible to choose the search type between regular expressions, list or literal text, free-spacing regular expression, delimited literal text, binary data, list of regular expressions, and others. Additionally, there is a library with predefined actions such as adding a footer and header to files, collecting a numbered list, and finding email addresses or deleting repeated words. PowerGREP is a complex software utility that can efficiently search, offers good response time, and no crash or error problems.