Yandex.Disk is an efficient piece of software which can upload more than 10GB of directories and files to a cloud, share them with friends, edit images, take screenshots, and add videos and pics automatically from your camera. You can get a public link and easily select a directory or file to share the uploaded items easily by sending your friends or colleagues. There is a clear-cut GUI to interact with the program through a big context menu and open the Yandex.Disk folder with just a click. The user can setup the tool to sync items from cloud. It is possible to get a link, take screenshots of a specific area, selected window, or the full screen. You can get help to add arrows with a picture editor, highlight items with a marker, text and shapes to images, and blur images and crop them. Additionally, this application enables you to view information about your account, change the location of Yandex directory, and select which folders to sync from the settings panel. There is also possibility to input a proxy server and customize the shortcut keyboard shortcuts. Yandex.Disk is a handy and straightforward program that can store items on a cloud, share them with others easily, and keeps intuitive interface.