CleanApp is a useful and comprehensive program that is specially used to remove applications, duplicated, and orphaned files from hard disk. This tool offers the tools and features to improve your Mac’s performance and save some storage space. You can correctly uninstall the files you no longer need, analyze all installed apps along with their associated files, and scan your hard disk. The user can use this program to quickly remove screen savers, Safari plugins, and kernel extensions. This utility shows a list of all detected add-ons, QuickTime fonts, and components at the end of the scanning procedure. You can see all categories and browse via the lists from the main window of this program. There is a tab to check which apps you have not use for a long time, have recently used, and need the most disk space. Moreover, it is possible to clean your caches, locate empty folders, remove and find duplicate files, uninstall system languages, software images, and iOS backups. CleanApp is easy to use application that is used to manually run different system maintenance scripts.