Sony ACID Pro is a straightforward audio processing application which is designed for mixing, recording, composing, and arranging MIDI and audio tracks, with impressive export and import capabilities. This program offers a long list of effects to take advantage and complex and professional post-production environment. There is a user-friendly interface with all sorts of panels and buttons and a collection of interactive tutorials that can teach you how to complete certain tasks. The user can edit and record multiple tracks, record the vocals with the help of a microphone, and save them. It is possible to organize and tag audio files with an impressive multimedia manager, also zoom in and out and view the waveform of any audio track in the main window. Additionally, you can apply multiple types of fades, add points, add makers and change key, hide or show a time ruler, tempo, time signature, and transition type. Sony ACID Pro is a powerful digital audio workstation that provides good response time, and facilitates song recording and composition.