GeekUninstaller is an intuitive application that can clear all the extra items, integrates with the Windows Registry Editor, and features a built-in search function. This program doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry and you may take it with you to uninstall software on the fly and copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices. You can view all the items in a list, complete with the date, size, name, and view the total number of programs that installed on the computer. When the procedure is complete, the app looks for any leftover folders and files, and the context menu includes multiple commands. The user can use the program to forcefully remove app if any app refuses to be uninstalled from the PC. It is possible to visit the installation folder or remove the entries in the list and you can use this program easily without having to browse for the location. GeekUninstaller is a portable program that leaves tons of leftovers on your system, instant startup, and simple but efficient user interface.