VMware Workstation is a popular and fast virtualization software that is used to run multiple operating systems on the same PC without affecting the stability of system. This program can introduce virtual infrastructure to increased productivity and a company for developers through powerful and robust engine. There is a simple user interface and installation, and the tool requires you to select a custom or typical mode. The user can enable multiple virtual machines to be opened at once with a multi-tabbed layout and the layout is fairly intuitive. You can do actions between virtual machines like copy, cut, and paste text, email or images attachments, also move images, text, or files between virtual machines with the drag-and-drop feature. The application offers core features such as changing workstation preferences settings, taking a snapshot to maintain virtual machine states, using removable printers and devices, using a virtual network editor, updating and installing various tools, etc. Moreover, it is possible to test live CDs without first recording them on discs, bridge to existing host network adapters, USB devices, hard disk drives, and CDs or DVDs. You can shut down, restart, suspend, reset or power off the guest, activate the Unity mode, and share folders with the guest. VMware Workstation is a practical and desktop tool which offers power users, developers, and system administrators to test and run multiple operating systems.