MAGIX Music Maker is a professional and music creating utility which enables you to create, export, and edit songs with the advanced tools. This program is used for enthusiast and casual users, featuring an interactive interface and numerous sound samples. You can switch the view mode of the slick interface from easy to advanced, and select from multiple music styles, like alternative rock and hip-hop. The users can get help with sample instruments such as sound effects, drums, bass, sequences, pads, string, synth and vocals, percussion, keys, and guitars. There is a user-friendly GUI and speedy installation, also comprises an online introductory video to download sound packages for free to extend its functionality. Moreover, it is possible to display all available sounds graphically, zoom in and out, apply audio effects, use a real-time mixer with master effects, use BeatBox to create beats easily, and more. MAGIX Music Maker is a complex software application that uses simple-to-use audio effects, a significant amount of RAM and CPU, and no crash or error problems in this tool.