SpeedFan is an effective and simple solution with support for log files which is designed to tweak and view settings for your PC’s fan speed, chip temperature, and voltage. This application keeps track of the hardware’s temperature level and capable of evaluating S.M.A.R.T attributes as well. There is a speedy and effortless installation, and classical interface to make the necessary changes and examine information concerning the fan speed. The user can view the current GPU, core temperatures, and hard drive by creating an icon in the notifications area, and enable the automatic fan speed based on optimization parameters. It is possible to enable automatic control by setting rules, pick a configuration from the list, and choose the clock name and motherboard to the system clock. Additionally, you can select the exclude components shown in the system tray area like, pick the temperature measurement unit, customize the tray icon font and colors, and point out fan controllers to take into account. SpeedFan is a lightweight and handy utility that shows accurate information and offers a good response time.