Cathy is a reliable and useful disk cataloging program which helps you catalog a wide array of media types, creating backups for your files can be essentially useful, and it also translates into a large discs. There is clean interface which is easy to figure out and the utility works with subdirectories and directories. This application lets you index the files stored on different removable media and modify the archive method depending on the media type. The user can simply drag the items to catalog straight to the interface of the app with the drag and drop feature and define a list of directories and files which can be ignored via the complete procedure, like temporary files. It is possible to find all the files in the interface with the name, length, date, path, and volume. Additionally, you can thin down the list of results with some filtering options, get help with a search tool to search for certain files, and detect duplicate items. Cathy is a small and straightforward application that comprises a large disc collection, intuitive layout, and simplicity.