Fan Control is a clean and simple preference pane that offers you control over your fan speed of Mac and alter the default base speed. This program lets you to adjust the minimum fan speed based on the current CPU temperature, enjoy the versatility and power offered by your Mac, and leaves the original automatic fan speed control unmodified. The users can make the desired adjustments and access Fan Control’ Pref pane from OS X’s system preference window. You can adjust the base speed between 1000 RPM and 3500 RPM by dragging the slider anywhere and alter the lower temperature threshold. There is a help option to view the current temperature and the current RPM value for your Mac’s right and left fan. The utility assists users to switch between the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scale with simply. Moreover, it is possible to view how the RPM value of your Mac’s fans will alter according to the current upper and lower threshold values. Fan Control is a powerful and lightweight application which can check out other preferences panes or similar apps if you have newer Mac models.