Xinorbis is a comprehensive and great tool helps you to see which files take up most storage space on PC and check out the structure of your folders. This application provides visual representations and detailed information to analyze the content of a hard drive partition or a folder. There is a main purpose to scan a target folder, USB device, or disk partition and generate a set of reports. The user can use the reports for analyzing the file structure, group the files into categories, and define them by specifying the file types to find out the number, folder location, and size. It is possible to identify the files that were created, modified or accessed in a certain time, also save the reports as XML, HTML, or CSV files. Additionally, you can identify the issues with the help of bar graphs and pie charts, and see the good computer response during the scan. Xinorbis is a hard disk analyzer that comes with well-organized interface and can generate and analyze the reports effortlessly.