GnuCash is a powerful finance application that is used to manage your personal finances and accounts, schedule tasks, carry out transactions, and generate graphs and reports. This program helps you keep track of your income, stock portfolios, bank accounts, expenses, and other business details. You can transactions from/to CSV file format, import/export accounts, and add your existing financial data from Quicken. There is a user-friendly interface to run the utility in the command-line mode and work in a multi-tabbed environment. It is possible to select the currency and insert details about your business like company name, phone number, contact person, address, email address, and put information about counters. The app offers you to set up scheduled transactions by entering the name, frequency, number of occurrences, and start and end date. Additionally, you can create a loan repayment scheduled transaction, do searches to business related data or find transaction, calculate compound interest, modify or track the value of a currency, and record stock splits. GnuCash is an intuitive piece of software that delivers well-organized and clean layout of your business data.